Piscine béton ou toile

Water analysis for concrete vs. liner swimming pool water

The importance of keeping a higher HARDNESS in order to protect my concrete, while respecting the Langelier index! For concrete pools’ owners, it is essential to maintain a high HARDENESS. This setting will not only help you maintain a good water, but also a well-balanced HARDNESS will also protect your concrete. When you see crumbled […]

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Phosphate in Water – Prevention is better than cure

Managing phosphate in your pool water will help you avoid some inconvenience; algae, troubled water, overconsumption of sanitizers. This setting can come from aqueduct water, lawn fertilizers, soaps, shampoos and more. Clearer water and less consumption of chlorine or bromine By eliminating phosphate in your pool water, you also reduce the risk of having cloudy […]

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Piscine algicide chlore

5% Algaecide, Low Chlorine — Why shouldn’t you put them in your basket?

The algaecide is used to kill algae… Between you and me, if you use a 5, 10 or 15% algaecide and you do not have algae, it is not because of the product which has a concentration too small to be effective in a large pool of water. You’re better off using 40 or 50% […]

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Piscine analyse eau

Why is it better to have your water tested… at home?

Save time and money (yes yes money), even if the service costs money. Why would you save time if our team comes to your place? No more long queues at your pool store or at the hardware store. We bring our complete analysis machine to your yard and analyze directly the metals: PH, alkalinity, cyanuric […]

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