5% Algaecide, Low Chlorine — Why shouldn’t you put them in your basket?

The algaecide is used to kill algae… Between you and me, if you use a 5, 10 or 15% algaecide and you do not have algae, it is not because of the product which has a concentration too small to be effective in a large pool of water. You’re better off using 40 or 50% concentration in smaller amounts. In addition, it less bulky.

Even better, find the cause of the algae. Avoid them appearing and having to kill them with a poison, the algaecide in question.

For those who are still using granular chlorine in their swimming pool, this advice is for you. Avoid buying chlorine below 65% concentration. It contains too much calcium and not enough sanitizer. This could be the cause of white deposits in the bottom of the pool and possibly scale on the walls.

In order to use products that prevent problems and that are healthier and more natural, contact us so we can come and analyze your water.

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