Water analysis for concrete vs. liner swimming pool water

The importance of keeping a higher HARDNESS in order to protect my concrete, while respecting the Langelier index!

For concrete pools’ owners, it is essential to maintain a high HARDENESS. This setting will not only help you maintain a good water, but also a well-balanced HARDNESS will also protect your concrete. When you see crumbled or cracked concrete in a swimming pool, it is often the result of HARDNESS that has not been well controlled over the years For vinyl pools (with a liner), a good balance of water will extend the life of your liner. It is not uncommon to see discolored and dry fabrics after only a few years. This problem is mainly linked to poor water balance on a daily basis!

Always have a residual sanitizer to avoid black algae.

Make sure you always have a residual sanitizer (chlorine) in your pool. In addition to helping you maintain good water, you will avoid the formation of black algae, which can become an expensive plague and believe us, you do not want to get there. With a salt system, UV or a chlorinator system, make sure you always have 1 to 3 PPM of chlorine in your pool water. The demand for chlorine will vary depending on the number of swimmers, the heat and the overall balance of the water. The better the parameters, the easier it is to maintain a perfect sanitizer rate.


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