Phosphate in Water – Prevention is better than cure

Managing phosphate in your pool water will help you avoid some inconvenience; algae, troubled water, overconsumption of sanitizers. This setting can come from aqueduct water, lawn fertilizers, soaps, shampoos and more.

Clearer water and less consumption of chlorine or bromine

By eliminating phosphate in your pool water, you also reduce the risk of having cloudy water. Therefore you will use less chlorine and other chemicals to alleviate a problematic situation.

No more algae… Put them on a diet instead!

Phosphate is known to nourish the formation of algae in your pool. As you probably already know, having algae in a swimming pool is very common. Obviously, this means that you will have to invest money to clean and dispose of your swimming pool. For those who have already had this type of problem, you know that it can be a long and expensive process, which prevent you from fully enjoying your pool. Act now, don’t forget the enemy to master: the PHOSPHATE!


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