Why is it better to have your water tested… at home?

Save time and money (yes yes money), even if the service costs money.

Why would you save time if our team comes to your place?

No more long queues at your pool store or at the hardware store. We bring our complete analysis machine to your yard and analyze directly the metals: PH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, phosphate, TDS, hardness, sanitizers, etc. The water parameters will be saved in your personal file so that we can help you at a distance if necessary. The skill and knowledge of our team will be able to target the problem and deal with it quickly so that the water in your spa or pool is beautiful and GOOD for swimming.

Here, time saving, no more waiting in store and unnecessary trips. So avoid the problem persisting and having to return for the same problem.

Why would you save money even if there is a fee for our analysis service?

Because we will use the products that you already have in your shed! We will spend the 12 PH- that you bought before someone sold you another one. We don’t blame you for buying them. Few people remember the products they have at home when the time comes to answer the question of a store clerk.

We will only sell you what will make your water perfect for your pool/spa according to your needs. No unnecessary products will be sold to you (low % algaecide, degreaser, low concentration chlorine, etc.) We will see your environment and understand if putting a product against phosphate will prevent you from losing your water 2 or 3 times and spending 2 or 3 times the price of algaecide. The calculation is done by itself… You need our team in your backyard! Ask us for info on our monthly or weekly plans.


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