The advantage of having a spa in our backyard is that you can enjoy it 4 seasons out of 4. Even if a spring is rather chilly, this is not a problem, spa owners are already used to it! It is therefore important to choose the right products to be able to use them well throughout the year. Conciergerie MCA advises you to use Minéraluxe Spa products for healthier water. The Minéraluxe company has released its avant-garde Spa products several years ago. It has now also released a line for swimming pools (pool link), much to the delight of swimming enthusiasts.

In the maintenance kit, there are three different products that work together: oxygen, Mineraluxe cubes and the sanitizer of your choice. The Minéraluxe cubes, a mixture of natural minerals, allow deep cleaning and ensure a longer life to your equipment. The cube acts as a repellant to prevent the accumulation of organic waste over the months or years in the piping. It can significantly reduce the scaling of your spa. Bromine or chlorine capsules, depending on your preference, ensure a deep cleaning and sanitization of your spa and therefore control microorganisms that could be harmful to health. Finally, adding oxygen clarifies your water while thoroughly cleaning your spa. Oxygen also improves the health of your water. The goal of Minéraluxe is to minimize the amount of sanitizer needed, resulting in the longevity of your equipment will be extended. Just use the three products once a week.

Final result? Your spa water will be softer and healthier. All you have to do is contact the MCA Concierge and let them take care of your spa. Then you can relax in your spa with a drink in hand. Dare to try Minéraluxe and see the benefits and the feeling of softness on your skin and that of your family. (buy now)