Our favourite season is coming: SUMMER! And summer equal swimming season and a pool ready to receive our family and friends. This is why MCA Conciergerie would like to remind you of the importance of choosing the right pool products. They allow clear and inviting water. The Minéraluxe pool kit (buy now) is our favourite product and the one we recommend to everyone. Why? The reasons are so diverse and more interesting than the others.

First, the maintenance kit includes three different but complementary products. It contains 3kg of Mineraluxe chlorine sticks, 6 bags of 350g of Minéraluxe Oxygen, 12 sticks of 102g Advance of Minéraluxe. Chlorine sticks destroy bacteria and algae. It is also possible to use bromine, a must for indoor pool owners. A new format of bromine tablets makes its use for your swimming pool all the more interesting. Advance sticks, on the other hand, fight biological film and reduce the use of sanitizers. For regulars at the Minéraluxe Spa, Advance sticks are in the pool kit what is the cube in the spa kit. Finally, oxygen eliminates the waste brought by swimmers and allows a deep cleaning. This winning trio work together to make your pool water healthier and cleaner. What better could you ask for?

Also, the products are so soft on the skin that your guests will believe that you have a salt pool. The spa owners will be able to boast about Minéraluxe which has existed for Spa for several years and which is now available for your swimming pool. Since you need fewer products during use, your equipment needs to work less and their lifespan is positively affected. Just use the trio once a week or even two weeks and let the products work their magic. Simple and efficient!