Why do we have to use several products when maintaining a Spa and not just chlorine or bromine?

A frequently asked question: Why do we have to use several products when maintaining a Spa and not just chlorine or bromine?

You have probably thought and dreamed for a long time about buying a spa so that you and your family can enjoy a lot of special and magical moments. To fully understand what comes from maintaining a spa, I like to compare it to buying the car of your dreams!

You just got the vehicle you’ve been dreaming of for a decade or more! Gasoline is enough to keep the engine running and you have roadtrips with your hair blowing in the wind in your new convertible… What a treat! After a while, the pieces of your dream start to fall off one after another and the performance of your jewel diminishes at a rapid rate… Five short years later, you bring your car to the cemetery and question yourself on what went wrong. What could have possibly happened ?! Your Spa has multitude parts, piping and equipment just like your car. Its maintenance is equivalent to changing your oil, your brakes etc.! It is important to protect your spa against the formation of stain or scale with products such as Dazzle Stain & Scale, as well as to properly balance the parameters of your water (pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness). Water is a powerful universal solvent and when left to do what it wants, it can move mountains or waterfalls over time. Keep it under supervision in your Spa! The weekly addition of enzymes, water softeners, and other products will make your experience much more enjoyable and above all much more lasting! For people who like simplicity and performance like me, learn more about Mineraluxe’s innovating maintenance system. It replaces a bunch of products in a natural and mineral way in just 5 minutes a week, while providing you with unparalleled comfort and softness! Try it and I bet you will fall in love with your spa again!