the water almost always look good, why would I need to add anything else?

Question : So far I have only put chlorine in my pool and the water almost always look good, why would I need to add anything else?

Answer : I like to do some comparisons before answering this question more in details. You have just bought a brand new car and you love it as we all do ! It runs on gasoline so you only put gasoline into it and drive, and drive again under the sun. At first it is wonderful and everything is fine, you are enjoying it ! Then over time, as you are not changing oil, or doing the proper maintenance on your car, it’s performance starts lacking and the parts start breaking much faster than it should have. Five years later you bring your lovely car to the car’s graveyard and wonder what went wrong! The same can be said about pool and hot tubs. Water needs to be balanced and will always want to balance itself if not taken care of. By not adjusting your chlorine, pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels properly, you will start to notice that the liner, surface or equipment are being attacked by the water flowing thru them. Water is nature’s most powerful solvent and you will want to keep it in check! Avoid premature and unnecessary repair costs with good water balancing. It will also help maximize the problem-free swimmable days for you and your family’s enjoyment. You should always bring a water sample at the beginning of the season or after a fresh fill to your local dealer for help. Once a month, repeat the process to make sure that you can benefit from your investment for as long as you should!