Our favourite season is coming: SUMMER! And summer equals swimming season and a pool ready to receive our family and friends. This is why MCA Conciergerie would like to remind you of the importance of choosing the right pool products. They allow clear and inviting water. The Pure WOW maintenance kit (buy now) is suitable for everyone, both for owners of above-ground and in-ground pools. These products are also great for families since they are good for children. In fact the complete kit eliminates sunscreens, which makes it all the more useful with children during the summer.

The PURE WOW maintenance kit offers three different products to be applied once a week. They work as a team for clean and water guaranteed water without algae. Pure WOW Protect sticks contain 250g of magnum trichloro-s-triazinetrione 100% to control algae and bacteria in your pool water. They also act as chlorine boosters/stabilizers for salt-treated pools. The Pure Wow Amaze Plus eliminates unfiltered waste, ensures the radiance of your pool and provides a supply of rapidly dissolving chlorine. Finally, Dazzle’s Pure Wow Assure is made up of natural enzymes that provide deep water cleaning. This product also ensures a level of phosphate close to zero and a powerful clarifying agent ensures the clarity of your pool water. It will remove the dark circle in your skimmer and will help greatly in times of pollen.

With this winning trio, you will be ready for the summer season. Just use the products once a week and voila. This kit even comes with a guarantee without algae. WOW !