My water is cloudy with white particles floating around

Question : My water is cloudy with white particles floating around, even if I added more chlorine and I used algaecide what is the matter?

Answer : I Cloudy water is not necessarily linked to the formation of algae and can be the result of a lot of different factors, and sometimes more than one. It can be a lack in filtration, circulation or water balance issues leading to cloudiness. Let’s break in details the common things to do when faced with a cloudy water problem. In an aboveground pool, make sure that the return jet is facing the opposite direction of the skimmer at a 45 degree angle towards the bottom of the pool. This will allow maximum circulation in your water and avoid ‘dead zones’ that will result in non-treated/filtered water. In an In-Ground pool, you will want all the jets circulating the water across the entire pool in the same direction ending towards the skimmer. Also make sure that the nozzles are not directed at the top of the water which would also create issues with the water not being circulated at the bottom of the pool. Check the baskets in your skimmer and pump and make sure to clean them if any debris are accumulating into any of them. Once the circulation verified, you will want to make sure that the filtration system is working properly. Have your sand or cartridge been cleaned recently? If the answer is no or you are not sure, we strongly recommend that you clean them with a product like Rapid Action Filter Cleaner, or in case of a cartridge you could use the Jack’s Magic Cartridge Cleaner to make it quick and efficient! You can now think about balancing your water accordingly, then use a multi-function shock treatment like Pure WoW Amaze Plus or Mineraluxe Oxygen coupled with a clarifying product. If situation is not resolved within 48 hours, you should bring a water sample to your pool and hot tub specialist for further analysis.