i never see any chlorine level

Question : When i test my water, i never see any chlorine level but my water seems fine is that okay?

Answer : The strongest possibility is that you are adding just enough chlorine to sanitize and clean your water. The reading that you are looking at most of the time is the free chlorine. This means that you do NOT have any available chlorine to fight any waste or bacteria ready to enter the water, therefore trouble is not far across the corner for you! You should always keep a free chlorine level of 1 to 3 ppm in a residential pool at all times. This way if any spike in chlorine demand happens, your water as well as you will be protected and safe. You should test and adjust chlorine level on a regular basis as well are the other parameters like pH, to ensure the maximum problem-free swimmable days! Another possibility is that your test kit could be corrupted, you can contact us for a home analysis for your pool and hot tub to confirm its reliability.