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dazzle kit pure wow – pool

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3 easy steps… 1x per week for sparkling water and ALGAE-FREE GUARANTEE

This Pure Wow pool maintenance kit includes Dazzle ™ Pure Wow Protect Sticks (6.5 kg), Pure Wow Amaze Plus (8 bags of 350 g) and Pure Wow Assure (2 liters). The kit includes our ALGAE FREE GUARANTEE.


Natural enzymes

First, using your assure once a week will allow natural enzymes concentrated in your pool water to digest organic waste. The concentrated enzymes will provide a deep cleaning of the water and pool surfaces. In addition, your pool liner, your skimmer and your pool step will be completely clean. Sunscreen and pollen cannot cling to the surface of your swimming pool.


Secondly, the weekly addition of assure will act as a powerful dephosphatant. Entirely natural, this dephosphatant will reduce and control contamination by phosphates. Phosphate is everywhere in fertilizers, swimwear soaps, body soaps and more. As a result, use ensures weekly will prevent the build-up of phosphates (ppb)


Finaly, assure acts as a powerful clarifying agent to achieve incredibly smooth and clear water. The water in your pool will be crystal clear.


Cylindrical sticks of 250 g magnum type of 100% trichloro-s-triazinetrione to control algae and bacteria in swimming pool water. Ideal for long-term feeding in the skimmer, some automatic chlorinators and floats in smaller water volumes.


With strong oxidation potential, Amaze Plus is ideal for weekly use to remove non-filterable waste from pool water, restore water shine and provide an intake of 2.0 to 3.0 ppm to the chlorine residue. Contains a blend of oxidants, clarifying agents, water activators and a rapidly dissolving stabilized chlorine compound for optimum performance.

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