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Les Bougies Meg – Fir – 9oz

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Good quality Quebec candles handmade with natural fragrances & pure essential oils.

Candles made from vegetable wax (soy). Soy wax is vegan and non-GMO. Its texture allows a smooth, shiny surface and its color is brilliant white. In addition, it has the characteristic of lasting longer than any other type of wax on the market by producing a very soft flame. The amount of fragrance added is such that you can inhale the scent through several rooms in your home. The essential oils used are 100% pure and natural and the fragrance oils are phthalate free. The jars are reusable, you just need to remove the wick and clean the jar with mild soap. It could very well enjoy a second life, whether it is to plant a flower or even in your bathroom for your cosmetics!

Fragrance: Fir

Dimensions: 9 oz (270 ml)

Duration: 40-45 hours


Instructions for use:

Burn a maximum of 2-3 hours for each use

Cut the wood wick between uses

Never leave a burning candle unattended

Keep out of the reach of children

Format: 9 oz

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