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kanel – organic sunday roast

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This classic small-batch spice mix is your last-minute meal saviour. An aromatic blend of piney rosemary, crushed black pepper and French grey sea salt, this organic seasoning instantly elevates everything from one-pot wonders to a full Sunday roast. Sprinkle into weeknight soups and pastas, or rub onto chicken and fingerling potatoes before roasting – and don’t be surprised if your guests show up next Sunday, too.

Based in Montreal, Kanel was founded by two food and wellness-loving young mamas with a serious entrepreneurial streak. After the births of their babies, they bonded over their search for ready-to-cook ingredients that would make amazing food effortless – both wanted to whip up mouthwatering meals without spending hours in the kitchen. (Clearly not an option, with wee ones in tow.)

Ecological packaging, the tubes are recyclable + the bags are fully compostable. It is best to keep your spices protected from light in the resealable sachet in your packaging.



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